Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller Are Honored As Recipients Of The First Team Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mother-Daughter duo that is Debbie Miller & Sandi Clark are taking Orange County by storm after being awarded with First Team’s Lifetime Achievement Award by CEO & COO, Cameron Merage & Michele Harrington. 

With a passion for people, real estate, and interior design, Sandi joined the real estate industry close to 25 years ago. By 2010, she was a member of First Team’s Hall of Fame, and shortly after joined forces with her daughter, Debbie, in 2012. With different strengths and perspectives, the pair balances each other out by dividing and conquering. With every client, event, or project, they both believe that shared responsibility is no responsibility. 

A mantra they live by is to not take life too seriously and if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. They believe that First Team masters that mantra as a company. “It truly is a team. We have access to all of the offices, the company has a great culture and great tools to help an agent. The collaborative spirit is very different from other firms, but First Team does it right. We simply enjoy being a team and being with people,” stated Sandi.

If you’re interested in learning more about the dynamic duo, please contact them via phone (949) 400-0987, (949) 293-513